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Eagle is widely recognised as the global authority on the restoration and enhancement of Jaguar’s legendary E-Type.

Established in 1984, the company is the result of a life-long passion for the model shared by founder Henry Pearman and fellow directors Paul Brace and Matthew Dewhurst.

Their objective is to create unique vehicles – maybe almost road going ‘works of art’ – thoroughly re-engineered for those passionate enthusiasts who desire the character and excitement of an original E-Type without the frustrations of classic ownership. There is then a vast range of proven upgrades for owners to choose from and a global care operation that will support their Eagle wherever they chose to enjoy it.

For the ultimate steel-bodied E-Type, Eagle has created the Eagle E-Type Roadster and Coupe, each one taking more than 4,500 hours to restore and build. For those seeking an ultimate resolution of the original E-Type design, there are now four, thoroughly re-engineered ‘special editions’ – the Speedster, Low Drag GT, Spyder GT and new Lightweight GT – each example taking more than 8,000 hours to create.

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